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Return (and demise) of the harassing phone call

Posted on 2009.05.01 at 13:52
Saturday. I'd just gotten home from our last show at the NAC. Phone rings. Male voice, threatening, claiming he was watching the house. When he got to the sexual harassment, I told him I was calling the police.

I was pretty sure it was just a kid crank caller, but the timing was kinda disturbing, and I figured putting the fear of the law into him was probably not a bad thing anyhow. So I called the police. I expected them to just log some info, but apparently they take threatening calls quite seriously, and despite me saying I thought it was just a crank they sent an officer to my house just to do a quick check.

By the time the constable arrived, I was on my 4th phone call. I hadn't answered after the first, but the 4th included a lengthy attempt at a horror-movie creepy message, so I paid whatever exorbitant price bell charges for the service and got a local cell number.

I gave the number to the nice officer, and he called the jerk back and scared the tar out of the twit. Very satisfying to listen in on one end of that call, let me tell you. I suspect that's one kid who won't be prank calling anyone anytime soon.

I feel a bit guilty about having the officer come al the way out here for something I was pretty sure was just a crank call, but I think things definitely worked out for the best. I love my local police force.


puzzlement at 2009-05-01 21:07 (UTC) (Link)
Don't feel guilty. It's entirely possible you've spared someone (perhaps someone more vulnerable) a call from this person.
Itinerant hacker adventuress
thewronghands at 2009-05-01 22:10 (UTC) (Link)
HA HA HA. Awesome. That is fantastic.
deakat at 2009-05-02 14:21 (UTC) (Link)
They can be pretty awesome at times.

BTW, hi from a lurking Linuxchixor.
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