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Hardware hates me, but I can do my job with books. Books!

Posted on 2009.05.01 at 14:14
Didn't end up going with a netbook, since it looked like it was going cost more than expected, and wasn't going to let me off without messing with my OS. (It's not that I have something against messing with my OS -- I even kinda enjoy setting that stuff up, given sufficient time -- but thesis has to come first right now, and I *know* how long I'll take if I have a new linux toy to play with...)

This laptop continues to die, though (yesterday's problems involved the many temporary deaths of firefox, partially solved by restarting and/or rebooting and/or having it crash; and for some reason new terminal windows sometimes don't start bash) so waiting it out is becoming increasingly less viable. So I sucked it up and ordered a new macbook. I'm hoping it'll show up next week. I may or may not spend another $100 on one of the nice bags in store when it arrives. ;)

Meanwhile, my continuing DSL modem problems are, well, continuing. I got a loaner modem yesterday that I was hoping would solve the problem, but I've already been disconnected once this morning so I have a strong suspicion that my problem is not solved. Grr.

One wonders why I've been working from home this week if it's been a mild struggle, but with the nice weather, I've actually been shunning the laptop for the library. I have books and a lovely backyard. Who cares if my laptop is problematic? Learning about layout, typography and design for my thesis has proved to be a rather lovely break from my tech woes and security policy documents.


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ostraya at 2009-05-05 21:33 (UTC) (Link)
Thus far, here's what my library list says:

Stop stealing sheep & find out how type works /
by Erik Spiekerman & E.M. Ginger.

Layout index : brochure, poster/flyer, web design, advertising, newsletter, page layout, stationery /
by Jim Krause.

Before & after page design /
by John McWade.

How typography works : and why it is important /
by Fernand Baudin ; foreword by Charles Bigelow. --

Understanding comics : the invisible art /
by Scott McCloud.

The elements of typographic style /
by Robert Bringhurst.

The Graphics of communication : methods, media, and technology /
by Russell N. Baird ... [et al.].

The newspaper designer's handbook /
by written & designed by Tim Harrower.

The non-designers design book : design and typographic principles for the visual novice /
by Robin Williams.

Editing by design : for designers, art directors, and editors : the classic guide to winning readers /
by Jan V. White.

Graphic idea notebook : a treasury of solutions to visual problems /
by Jan V. White.


Plus I borrowed a couple from another friend.

I've only read a few thus far: Stop Stealing Sheep, Before & After page design, I flipped through Layout Index and I'm partway through The Elements of Typographic Style.

Been learning loads, although not all of it is immediately relevant to my point, I'm taking some time to just immerse myself and see where it leads. Even if it doesn't wind up thesis-relevant, I can't imagine that having some inkling of the fundamentals of graphic design is going to be a bad thing.
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