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Evil soup

Hardware still hates me

Posted on 2009.05.02 at 23:20
So the current bet is that it's my router that's causing the problem. I swear I tried the other one before making them lend me a modem, but... *shrug* maybe that wasn't the problem then, or maybe both my routers are dying, or maybe it died after I got the new modem just to spite me.

The thing works fine some of the time. I mean, the modem-router combo worked perfectly for me on Thursday when I was playing city of heroes with some friends. But as of yesterday, it's up to no good half the time. Its current trick is that it works consistently if I let it get a DCHP address from the modem. Which sounds all hunky dory, except that then it doesn't get the static IP that it's supposed to have, and it doesn't, you know, route things. Which means the server in my basement goes offline. And of course, sometimes it just plain doesn't work. I thought it was DNS related, but I think it's probably just randomly wonky. Grr.

In a fit of what is hopefully genius, though, I bought a router that I can flash with DD-WRT (unlike my previous/backup/just-for-playing-ds-games router, which is a lobotomized wrt54g) so if I'm lucky and it's software rather than hardware corruption, I may be able to fix it when I sit down and flash the thing. Or I might brick it, again. I hate flashing stuff. Sure, they can be unbricked, but it's tedious and frustrating. (and I used to have to do it all the time for work, back at the wireless graphics company.)

Meanwhile, I'm reconfiguring the old router and we'll give that a go when I'm done with it.

... well, maybe after I finish downloading Left for Dead. ;) (Couldn't resist the sale, especially with the promise of being able to play with my siblings, who are still my favourite gaming buddies!)


(Anonymous) at 2009-05-03 04:04 (UTC) (Link)
It's been a continuous complaint of the fraternal set that I didn't turn out to be a gamer :)

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