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Your source for information on Rachel from Cardholder Servics

Posted on 2009.07.03 at 15:56
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I've been busy, first with the workshop that kept me at the university 12hrs/day, and now with finishing the latest thesis proposal draft on a suddenly tighter deadline. (Turns out it is quite late, and while that won't be a problem, I've been told to finish ASAP.) Not to mention Canada Day and my visiting boyfriend who, sadly, has wound up largely ignored so I can write write write.

But apparently while I've been writing for a living, my blog has been surprisingly active. Or rather, this post complaining about Rachel from Cardholder Services has suddenly become abnormally popular and garnered a small collection of comments, months after it was written.

I am mystified and amused by this development. I guess my search rank went up somehow, and now that entry gets to be a place to vent about phone spam. I'm ok with that.

But the funny thing is that I haven't had one of these calls myself in months. Perhaps I just haven't been home enough, or maybe Canada's do not call list is more effective than the US one? Early on, there reports that the the list was being abused, but apparently the CRTC has investigated the claims, and says that it turns out to have been an urban myth. Others remain concerned about the potential for abuse even if there isn't yet evidence of same, particularly because few fines have actually been levied despite many complaints. But somehow, I haven't heard from Rachel from Cardholder Services or that irritating foghorn thing in a month now, so no complaints here!


secretsoflife at 2009-07-07 02:54 (UTC) (Link)
have you looked at the referrers for that post in your logs? must be weird google or link traffic.
ostraya at 2009-07-07 03:20 (UTC) (Link)
I don't think I even can for an lj post, can I?
secretsoflife at 2009-07-07 03:26 (UTC) (Link)
oops, i'm gonna blame lack of sleep for not noting that the linked post was also on lj :)
(Anonymous) at 2009-09-03 18:13 (UTC) (Link)

Bill Bartmann Scam, Not A Scam After All

This site rocks!
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