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Dreamwidth, Livejournal, and moving forwards

Posted on 2009.07.21 at 12:17
I'm moving my journal to Dreamwidth: http://terriko.dreamwidth.org/.

There's a few reasons for this move. Dreamwidth is a neat new project with a lot of women involved, and I love supporting women-friendly projects. Dreamwidth's values seem pretty sound, and match up better with my own. They've made some nice improvements to the codebase that make the whole system nicer to use. And they let me have a nice, ad-free journal (turns out those ads bugged me a lot more than I thought they would).

What does this mean for my old journal? It's going friends-only, although I'll probably cross-post so that people can still see my entries on their friends pages. So if you're reading this on lj and you're not logged in, please update your bookmarks, otherwise everything should continue the same for you because I've already updated the aggregators to use the new url. You can all comment on the new journal using OpenID (just give your lj url as your OpenID and go), and if any of you are interested in moving to Dreamwidth, you can try it out using openID or drop me a line to get my unused invite code.

Cross-posted from Dreamwidth. Please feel free to comment on the original entry using OpenID.

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